Indie Music Stop Review of "Several Shots at Redemption" pre-release by writer C.W. Ross ...

"8.4 out of 10 ... Jared Young is back with his latest release, Several Shots at Redemption. This 12-song release offers up a blend of singer-songwriter, acoustic, and rock styles.

The main thread that ties all of the songs together is Young's vocals: they're powerful, passionate, crisp, and take ownership of each of the songs.

My favorite tracks were: "More Than Perfect" - I liked the clean crisp sound found on it, "Meant to Be" - one of the more rock edged songs found on the release, and "People R Strange", which is the most unique song on the CD that puts forth a good message with the lyrics, " your own thing and you'll never regret it..."

Jared Young's music will appeal to fans of artist like Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and Coldplay.

Other Reviews ...


"[Young's new album is] is a gritty collection of earnest and heartfelt rockers. Yes, Young is a troubadour with his heart on his sleeve and a wide yet modest grin."

- Brian Lush,

"Young put on a very entertaining show, receiving huge cheers from the audience as he moved through his positive, upbeat set."

- The Echo, University of Central Arkansas

"Jared puts on a great show ... his Sunday night acoustic shows give a great taste of Hollywood's true independent side. Check out the Lava Lounge every Sunday night!."


"The show ... was highlighted by passionate vocals from Jared Young. His wonderful sound and energy onstage is remarkable. He really draws you in."

- Cafe LA (Los Angeles)